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Hoswick - a personal website by Robin Barclay

This is a newer website under occasional development. It takes its name from Hoswick, the village in the parish of Sandwick in the southern Shetland mainland that I come from. Hoswick is situated almost on the 60N lattitude line. My parents both came from Hoswick. Our family house in Hoswick, Beach House, where my father was born, is where we lived since the early 1960's after moving there from the croft at Noness where I had been raised until I was 13. Beach House is not permanently occupied now since my parents passed on. It is owned by me and my sisters, and used frequently throughout the year by us and our families. Between times we are happy to rent it out to visitors as self-catering accomodation for short lets.

I presently live in Midlothian and have retired from work (biomedical research) in Edinburgh.

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